Apr 25, 2017

Oh Wow! A shelter for in a garden

A bit expensive (27.000) but this would make a terrific 'me-time' in a garden. The MUJI Hut.


Ikea Responds to Balenciaga ... very good

Ikea responds to Balenciaga's copycat move. How to identify a real Ikea bag.


Now that's a fashion statement!

TopShop is selling this plastic jeans for $ 100. It would look terrific with the Camouflage Wet Suit you can buy at Ali for $ 78,50. What's next?


Guess what Schwarzenegger says in the Spanish version of The Terminator

No .. not Hasta la vista, baby ...

A collaborative artwork emerged out of a little Reddit experiment

And it looks awesome. (Thanks Menno)

"For April Fool's Day, Reddit launched a little experiment. It gave its users, who are all anonymous, a blank canvas called Place.

The rules were simple. Each user could choose one pixel from 16 colors to place anywhere on the canvas. They could place as many pixels of as many colors as they wanted, but they had to wait a few minutes between placing each one.

Over the following 72 hours, what emerged was nothing short of miraculous. A collaborative artwork that shocked even its inventors."

Click here for more info

How Larry Fink met Andy Warhol

A book will be published April 25th "Fink on Warhol: New York Photographs of the 1960s". How Larry Fink met Andy Warhol, a nice story. It had to be.


A playful kinetic sculpture

I like!

For his school project, mechanical engineering student Christian Schürch tweaked a FANUC M-2 iA 3S delta robot to make it connect wooden tracks and create an endless looping railroad for a toy train.

Too technical for me, but it looks very good.


Apr 23, 2017

Apr 21, 2017

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 camera

It even looks like the Instagram logo.

"Express your creativity in an instant ... ... ... in a stylish square format"


My body said NO

Very nice ... and funny. Video by Patrik Eklund.

"An anatomical PowerPoint presentation about why a man has become what he is."

Anatomy from Patrik Eklund on Vimeo.

Inside The Henna Hotel, Japan

This is the new robot hotel in Japan, Henna Hotel ('Strange' Hotel). Let's have a look.

Apr 20, 2017

Air-free bicycle tires from Bridgestone

Want! No punctures anymore. Black, red, a bit weird & air-free tires, This bicycle screams my name.


The Museum of Failure

June 7th The Museum of Failure will open its doors in Sweden.

"Museum of Failure is a collection of interesting innovation failures. The majority of all innovation projects fail and the museum showcases these failures to provide visitors a fascinating learning experience.

The collection consists of over sixty failed products and services from around the world. Every item provides unique insight into the risky business of innovation."


Felipe Posada and The Invisible Realm

Digital collages by Felipe Posada. His ongoing series The Invisible Realm is inspired by concepts that have captivated him throughout his life.


Digital Hoarders

New times, new type of hoarders. Digital hoarders are mostly millennials. A doc by The New Yorker.

Mark Lanegan 'Beehive'

Mark Lanegan with 'Beehive' from the soon to be released album 'Gargoyle'.

Just enjoying the cherry blossom

Lady GaGa's intro on Coachella

A bit unpleasant tentacle


Lana Del Rey 'Lust for Life'

It looks like something I don't want to bump in to

But I'm happy that the researchers are happy. The giant shipworm which isn't a worm ... well, watch it


Kendrick Lamar 'DNA'

Video for Kendrick Lamar's 'DNA' from his new album DAMN.